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New Release! Romanced by a SEAL (Hot SEALs series) by Cat Johnson

As a SEAL, Jon Rudnick dodged copper and lead without flinching, but just the thought of one tiny gold band around his ring finger sends him into a cold sweat. Love is one thing, but marriage is another. He’s not sure he’s ready for that just yet. . . until a near miss serves as a wake-up call he can’t ignore. Now he’s ready, but his girlfriend Ali has gone from rushing him toward the altar, to running in the opposite direction at full speed. Hell if Jon can figure out why, but he knows one thing. All’s fair in love and war and he’s not going to rest until he makes Ali his again. This time for good. 

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"ROMANCED BY A SEAL was a very suspensy SEAL romance! Will Ali finally get her Happily Ever After with Jon??? Run to your nearest amazon to find out!" ~ Bianca, BJ's Book Blog

Night with a SEAL 
Saved by a SEAL 
SEALed at Midnight 
Kissed by a SEAL 
Protected by a SEAL 
Loved by a SEAL 
Tempted by a SEAL 
Wed to a SEAL 
Romanced by a SEAL 
Rescued by a Hot SEAL
...more to come. Stay tuned! 
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016


One of the great things about writing my SEALs in a series, is I get to bring in old characters from previous books. My world is set. The missions are different, and the heroes or heroines are different in each book, but repeat readers are treated to appearances by loved characters from previous books.

My new book, Alex, is Book 2 in the Band of Bachelors series. But there are plot lines I collected from previous books. For example, the team is asked to go on an emergency rescue mission to save Ali, the little Iraqi boy Danny Begay in SEAL's Code, rescued and befriended, and wanted to take home and adopt. Paperwork and bureaucracies being what they are, it's been a year, and the little boy, now aged 5, is still languishing in an Iraqi make-shift orphanage, tended to by U.N. Aid workers who are now being asked to leave or risk the ire of now ISIS held territory.

Danny gets to have a minor role, but an important one as the two are reunited. And Alex, one of the hardened bachelors, has fallen head over heals for a beach volleyball player four inches taller than he. And then we have "Coop" Cooper playing medic Dr. Frankenstein with a garbage bag. We discuss camel spiders and all sorts of things.

And of course, continuing with the Bachelor themes, we're going to have some fun at a Bachelorette party on launch day, June 14. I hope you'll join us. To get you ready for Book 2 in this series, you might consider reading Book 1: Lucas.

Developing rich story lines is hopefully what you will enjoy about my books. I like humor too, both in action drama scenes and in love scenes. This new book of Alex is no different.

Today, I'm doing a promo event where several of my books are on sale. You can find them all here on my website:  authorsharonhamilton.com. I also have snippets of audios, interviews of characters, YouTube trailers and excerpts, as well as all the buying links for every device they're sold on.

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Sharon’s NYT and USA Today bestselling novels are almost-erotic Navy SEAL stories of the SEAL Brotherhood. Her characters follow a spicy road to redemption through passion and true love. All of her SEAL Brotherhood Series are available in audio book. She has maintained an Amazon top 100 author status in Romantic Suspense since the end of 2012.

Her Golden Vampires of Tuscany are not like any vamps you’ve read before, since they don’t have to go to ground, and can walk around in the full light of the sun. Honeymoon Bite, Book 1 of the Golden Vampires of Tuscany Series, has earned the Amazon designation of #1 Gothic Romance. It and Book 2 in the series, Mortal Bite are both available on audio as well.

Her Guardian Angels struggle with the human charges they are sent to save, often escaping their vanilla world of Heaven for the brief human one. You won’t find any of these beings in any Sunday school class. All three books in this popular series are also in print and audio formats.

A lifelong organic gardener, Sharon lives with her husband in the Wine Country of Northern California, where most of her stories take place. When she’s not writing, she’s getting verra verra dirty in the mud, or wandering Farmer’s Markets looking for new Heirloom varieties of vegetables and flowers.

Sharon Hamilton
Life is one fool thing after another.
Love is two fool things after each other.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Okay, not really. Join me all week for a stellar lineup of authors from Monday through Friday, including many of the authors on this blog.

Giving away a Kindle Fire to one lucky commenter, and a bunch of other prizes. You won't want to miss this! Love to have you join me to celebrate my birthday.


Friday, April 15, 2016

New Release Excerpt! Wed to a SEAL (Hot SEALs) by Cat Johnson

Wed to a SEAL Hot SEALs Teaser


Marry her. It was a crazy idea… and the more he thought about it, the better he liked it.
In his career as a Navy SEAL, Rocky Mangiano has been called a Jersey boy, and a Yankee, and a few other choice names he shouldn’t repeat in mixed company, but never has anyone called him daddy. If the bundle of joy he finds on the doorstep is any indication, things are about to change and he has no clue what to do about it.
When the baby’s single mother enters the picture things get even more crazy, but given the fringe benefits that come along with the complications of their marriage of convenience, Rocky’s not complaining. Not one little bit.

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Wed to a SEAL Excerpt

He’d been at the club for fun countless times, which made it particularly odd being there today for this self appointed close personal protection assignment.
Enlightening was an even better word than odd.
Rocky usually thought of himself as more observant than the average person. It came with the job. But it was becoming more than obvious that he sure as hell didn’t employ his skills of observation when he came to the club looking for mindless pleasure.
How many hours had he sat in this very room and never noticed the security cameras? And was the music always so god-awful and so loud?
His phone vibrated in the pocket of the jacket he wore to hide his shoulder holster. He pulled it out and saw Rick’s name on the readout.
He hit the button to answer and pressed it to his ear. “Hey.”
“Where are you?” Rick asked, though it was damn hard to hear him.
“I’m still at the club. Her shift’s got another two hours or so.”
“Any sign of Isabel’s Latin lover yet?”
Rocky hated that reference. It reminded him too much that a man who didn’t come close to deserving Isabel in any way had already had all of the pleasures with her that Rocky could only dream of experiencing.
“Nope. Just a handful of young sailors with their attention glued to the girls.”
And the three minutes that Isabel had been on stage in front of the leering boys had been pretty damn stressful . . . for both of them.
She’d kept her eyes on the audience, no doubt watching for Tito. Rocky had done the same, while keeping just as close an eye on the kids from the base to make sure none of them got out of line with her.
Then there was the other thing that he had to deal with—trying not to leer himself.
He couldn’t believe he’d never noticed Isabel before, because she was exactly his type. A dark-haired beauty rounded in all the right places.
Of course, he’d been away a lot and she had to be new here given the fact she’d had Lola only a few months ago.
“Tough job you assigned yourself there, bud.” Rick’s displeasure at the division of labor came through clearly in his tone and brought Rocky back to the conversation.
Even if he hadn’t heard the baby crying in the background above the sound of the music in the club, Rocky would have known Rick was unhappy.
“What’s up with Lola?” he asked.
“No clue. Darci and Ali changed her. Fed her. Danced around with her while singing songs. We’re running out of ideas here.”
“Not that I know what I’m doing any more than you do, but did you burp her?”
“I’ll pass that question on to the girls and see if they did.”
“I can grab Isabel and ask her if you really need—”
“Nah. Don’t bother her yet. She’s got enough to worry about. If we can’t get the baby settled down soon, I’ll give you a call back. Maybe I’ll call Thom.”
Rocky laughed at that. “I think you should. Why shouldn’t he get to share in the fun?”
“Right. Oh, and Jon just left. He said he’s going to keep an eye on the club parking lot. Make sure Tito’s not hoping to get to her there.”
“Good idea.”
Rick snorted. “My opinion? He just wanted to get away from the babysitting duty but yeah, it was a sound enough plan I couldn’t stop him from going. And there’s no way Darci will let me or Chris leave when she and Ali are stuck here with the kid.”
“Chris is there too?”
“Yup. One of the duties of dating my sister. He has to do what she says. But he’s as useless when it comes to babies as the rest of us.” Rick paused. “Oh thank God, she’s quiet.”
“What did you do?”
The sound of Rick walking was followed by a soft laugh. “It looks like Chris got the idea to put her on top of the dryer while it’s running.”
“Jesus. Is that safe?”
“She’s strapped in the car seat. We’ll have to watch and make sure the seat doesn’t vibrate off but hell, that’s worth it for some quiet.”
Rocky cringed at the image of Lola and the seat toppling off the machine. “Please don’t let her fall on her head.”
“Dude, I think four adults can handle one tiny baby.”
Rick hadn’t sounded so certain of that just a few minutes ago, but Rocky let it go. “I’ll call to check in later.”
“You just worry about Perez. We got it covered.”
“I’m calling anyway.”
“Fine. Talk to you later.” Rick disconnected and Rocky tried to not worry.
“Another water?”
Rocky turned to the bartender and saw the unhappy expression on his face. He reached for his wallet and pulled out a bill. “You can make it a diet soda this time. I’m sorry. I’m not drinking today.”
The hulking older man reached for a glass as he eyed Rocky. “You’re not watching the girls all that much either, so what are you doing here?”
“Just helping out a friend.”
The man glanced around the bar. “Well, you were here before them.” He lifted a chin in the direction of the seamen, all clad in NAVY T-shirts. “And they don’t look like they need any help from you, so I’m figuring it must be one of my girls.”
Your girls?”
He tipped his head. “Yup. I’m the owner of this club.”
“Oh.” He turned to face the man more fully and extended his right hand. “Rocky Mangiano.”
The man gripped his with his own beefy hand. “Pete O’Neill. You Navy?”
No use denying that. It was on the damn bumper sticker on his truck in the parking lot. He should probably peel that thing off but for now, he nodded. “Yeah.”
“You involved with one of my dancers?”
“No. Well, yes, but not in the way you’re insinuating.”
“Wasn’t insinuating anything. I’m outright asking.” The man’s gaze was steady as it held Rocky’s.
Rocky was usually a pretty good judge of character and this man struck him as trustworthy. “Isabel.”
The man’s brows rose. “Since you know the name I cut her checks to and not her stage name, I’m going to take that as a yes, you are involved.”
“It’s not as simple as that.” Rocky leaned in, keeping is voice as low as he could and still be heard over the pounding dance music. “You know she has a kid?”
“I think I’ve heard that, yeah.”
“Well, I’m here to make sure both Isabel and Lola stay safe.”
“Safe from whom?”
“Someone from her past who’s bad news.”
“The kid’s father?”
Surprised he’d guessed, Rocky said, “I didn’t say that.”
“You didn’t have to.” The bartender leaned closer. “I figured there was some reason she showed up here looking for a job. We get all kinds of girls working here, but not usually like her.”
“Meaning what? What’s she like?”
“Shy. Timid almost.” He shook his head. “Her audition was so bad, I honestly only gave her the job because I felt sorry for her.”
Rocky frowned. “She didn’t look so bad up there today.”
“That’s because the other girls took her under their wing. Taught her. She’s a quick learner and a hard worker. Now she’s got a couple of months here, you’d never know she was so completely wrong for this job when she started.”
Rocky wasn’t sure if Isabel being such an accomplished stripper now was a good thing, but he could agree completely she was bright and a hard worker. He could see that himself.
“You know, I pride myself on making sure my girls are safe.”
“I didn’t mean any offense that you’re not doing a good job, but we’re not talking an overzealous admirer here.”
“I guess not or she wouldn’t need hired muscle.”
Rocky snorted. “Since she’s not paying me, I’m not exactly hired muscle.”
“No. You’re just a friend.”
Rocky nodded. “Yup.”
The bartender pulled his mouth into a crooked smile. “Okay. Got it. And if she needs any time off to deal with this situation, she’s got it. The girls are good about taking extra shifts.”
“Thanks. That’s helpful. I’ll tell her. She was worried about taking time off.”
“No problem. Oh, and by the way, your friend is about to take the stage again.”
Rocky spun toward the raised, spotlighted wooden runway as the bartender chuckled behind him.
At the moment, he didn’t give a shit what the club’s owner thought. Besides, the man was right. Rocky wanted to be much more than Isabel’s friend . . . particularly now as she strutted her stuff across the stage.
He’d never felt so torn in all his life. Half of him wanted to wrap a blanket around her to hide the costume that showed much too much skin. He’d love to jump up on that stage, toss her over his shoulder and take her far away from all the gawking eyes on her now.
The other half of him had gone dry in the mouth as he watched her bend at the waist and stick her tempting ass high in the air. That half wanted to jump on stage too, but not to cover her up. Rather to strip her down and take what she so artfully offered.
It was just a show, he reminded himself. That offer wasn’t real at all and it wasn’t for him. It was for every man in the room willing to part with a dollar—or twenty—so she could pay her rent and support her daughter.
That thought brought him back around full circle and he wanted her off that stage and back safe at Rick’s place with Lola.
He noticed the icy glass of soda the bartender had set on the cocktail napkin by his elbow on the bar. Rocky drew in a long slow sip through the straw.
Maybe he should order a drink. Between the guilt, the desire, and the hard-on pressing against the zipper of his jeans he sure as hell felt like he needed one about now.
The guilt wasn’t enough to keep his eyes off the stage though, or his mind from slipping into lurid thoughts of Isabel.
He should probably just go sit with that group of drooling sailors who were now standing so they could better shove dollar bills into the very few items she still had on.
Rocky curled his hand into a fist and drew in an angry breath.
The bartender’s laugh had him glancing at the man, who grinned and shook his head. “It takes a lot of strength to be able to handle falling for a girl in this profession.”
He opened his mouth to say he hadn’t fallen for her, until he realized he didn’t believe his own bullshit, so there was no way the bartender was going to.
Instead, Rocky tipped his head. “Yeah. I’m starting to realize that.”

What's next in the Hot SEALs series? Check out ROMANCED BY A SEAL, on preorder now for a July 12th eBook and paperback release.

Romanced by a SEAL Hot SEALs Book 9

To see the entire Hot SEALs Series Click Here

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True Blue SEALs: Zak is here

It's out now!! True Blue SEALs: Zak is out now on all retailers. This is a continuation of Zak and Amy's story in True Navy Blue, the novella that came out in December.

What's next? Band of Bachelors: Alex. Then I have a surprise for you...but you'll have to check back in March to find out.

Are you in the Tucson area? I'll be at the Tucson Festival of Books starting 3/11/16, both Saturday and Sunday. I'll be giving a Tent Talk at the Author Pavillion on Sunday. Love to meet you there!

And thanks to all who joined us Saturday for Romancing The Vines book signing event. We had over 100 readers show up with 13 great authors signing books and interacting with all of you.

Life is good! 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

TRUE BLUE SEALS: ZAK is nearly here!

Just in time for Valentine's week, True Blue SEALs:Zak is the 12th book in the SEAL Brotherhood Series, and is now on preorder.

You loved Zak and Amy's story in True Navy Blue, my novella that first appeared in an anthology and is now available in all formats, including audio. This is a continuation of their story, beginning with an intimate quickie wedding, and his first deployment to North Africa. Their SEAL Team 3 is tasked with providing security for the Secretary of State on a super secret diplomatic mission.

Zak and Amy will have some things to work out when he returns injured. It will be a true test of their marriage, their love, their future together.


Zak and Amy are destined for each other. After successfully passing the BUD/S training, and helping to stop a San Francisco terrorist attack, Zak goes to the arena of war with the rest of his SEAL Team 3 buddies, to return a changed man. Amy will have to negotiate the pain in her heart as she works to discover the man she loved going off to war is still the man of her dreams, and only if she can convince Zak he still is that man.

Here's a short excerpt:

            His hands smoothed up and down her upper arm as he stared at the ceiling. He’d made the first step to do something important with his life by becoming a Navy SEAL. His new family, the Brotherhood, healed and filled so many holes in his soul. He felt the honor of serving with men who would gladly die for him, without thinking about it. He was indeed one of the lucky ones. Now, he was about to do the next big thing in his life. He was “securing the target,” bringing Amy into his life not just as a girlfriend, but also as a mate and life partner. He’d even been honest with her. If she couldn’t take the intensity of his family now, couldn’t deal with the stress and loss and tears that sometimes came with the job, along with the joy of doing something more important than all of them, he’d have to walk away.
            And, as hard as it would be, he’d do it. He’d make sure he didn’t give up on his shot to become one of the best of the best, and to serve his country proudly with honor.
            They were to meet Carter at an omelet house for breakfast. He and Amy noodled around in the shower until they were going to be very unfashionably late. He was always the one to have to turn down the heat so they could keep to a schedule. Amy would have been fine just staying in bed the whole time.
            She made a point of showing him she wasn’t going to wear panties, “just in case.”
            “This is going to be a painful day for me, I can see.”
            “I have the cure for that pain,” she whispered.
            “Indeed you do.” Her hopeful face was seeking out a message he wasn’t going to give her. “You’re here to learn about my community. And before you tell me you learned all you need to know in that bed,” he pointed to the tussled sheets behind him, “I need to show you things. Things that are important for you to know. I’m doing this for you, Amy.” He added a smile he’d almost forgotten to show.
            She got that little flighty look as she continued dressing and then examining the floor, turning her head from side to side, the pouty smile on her face, just reminding him that he really wasn’t in control. “Zak, I hope you’re not tired of me already,” she whispered to her bright red toes.
            “Not a chance, sweetheart.” He grabbed her and held her tight. Lifting her lips with fingers gently under her chin. “Stay just the way you are. Insatiable.” He kissed her. “Sexy as hell.” He kissed her again. “Riding my cock all night long like last night. I’m going to be ruined when you have to go back.”
            “Then keep me here.”

            Her clear brown eyes were honest, unflinching. He knew she was ready to take that step through the doorway with him. As long as everything else worked out for these next two days, he’d be able to convince her to get married before he deployed. That was the mission. That was the target to be acquired.

Sharon Hamilton is a NYT and USA/Today bestselling author most known for her SEAL Brotherhood series. She also writes Golden Vampire and Guardian Angel series.

A lifelong organic gardener, Sharon lives with her husband in the Wine Country of Northern California, where most of her stories take place. When she’s not writing, she’s getting verra verra dirty in the mud, or wandering Farmer’s Markets looking for new Heirloom varieties of vegetables and flowers.

Sharon Hamilton
Life is one fool thing after another.
Love is two fool things after each other.