Monday, October 26, 2015

Band of Bachelors is here - next series in the SEAL Brotherhood Series

Happy to be able to write what I love, and feeling very humbled and grateful. I've been writing Navy SEAL stories since 2011, now with my 11th book in the series: Band of Bachelors: Lucas.

I've divided the Brotherhood into sub-sets, coming out last year with The Bad Boys of SEAL Team 3. But readers wanted to hear more about the older SEALs in my earlier books, so Kyle, Coop, Fredo, Armando and others show up and make appearances in most the other books. With the Bad Boys, this series focused on totally new men, even though there were appearances by the others, especially Kyle, their LPO. I wanted to set up a series that was completely stand alone. I think I succeeded. Some people begin the Brotherhood with Book 1, Accidental SEAL (which is free) and others begin with Book 7, SEAL's Promise. That is a three book series, ending with SEAL's Code. But there will be more.

For Band of Bachelors, I decided to have a group of 5 guys living together, all of them either divorced or single. I wanted them one by one to fall, for the right woman. These guys are a little rough around the edges. Maybe not the squeaky clean types, not bad boys, but sort of screw-ups. Not good with their spouses. Or making wrong choices in girlfriends and spouses.

Lucas starts out convinced that Connie, his wife, is going to ask him back. He made some unfortunate mistakes as far as having his picture taken with a dancer at a bachelor party, and someone posting it on Facebook, where his wife got the wrong impression and poor Lucas never got the chance to explain himself. He's convinced he will be back in her good graces. The other bachelors, perhaps more hardened, think otherwise. And they'll be right.

I also did what I've done before, incorporated some things from the news about local terrorist training camps, and the SEALs involved as far as intelligence gathering. We know (assume we know, anyway) that they wouldn't really do this in the US. But, if they did, this is my fictional story of what would happen. You know I take lots of poetic license, right?

I hope you enjoy the Sound Cloud and the YouTube trailer. I sure had fun writing Lucas and Marcy's story. Looking forward to writing more of it later, when they get married and take over cleaning up the rest of Lucas' messes. He did leave a bunch of them behind, but then, that's life. Enjoy my wonderful narrator, Mr. J.D. Hart:

Book Trailer, Band of Bachelors: Lucas

Sound Cloud snippet, Marcy and Lucas begin to spark

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