Tuesday, May 24, 2016


One of the great things about writing my SEALs in a series, is I get to bring in old characters from previous books. My world is set. The missions are different, and the heroes or heroines are different in each book, but repeat readers are treated to appearances by loved characters from previous books.

My new book, Alex, is Book 2 in the Band of Bachelors series. But there are plot lines I collected from previous books. For example, the team is asked to go on an emergency rescue mission to save Ali, the little Iraqi boy Danny Begay in SEAL's Code, rescued and befriended, and wanted to take home and adopt. Paperwork and bureaucracies being what they are, it's been a year, and the little boy, now aged 5, is still languishing in an Iraqi make-shift orphanage, tended to by U.N. Aid workers who are now being asked to leave or risk the ire of now ISIS held territory.

Danny gets to have a minor role, but an important one as the two are reunited. And Alex, one of the hardened bachelors, has fallen head over heals for a beach volleyball player four inches taller than he. And then we have "Coop" Cooper playing medic Dr. Frankenstein with a garbage bag. We discuss camel spiders and all sorts of things.

And of course, continuing with the Bachelor themes, we're going to have some fun at a Bachelorette party on launch day, June 14. I hope you'll join us. To get you ready for Book 2 in this series, you might consider reading Book 1: Lucas.

Developing rich story lines is hopefully what you will enjoy about my books. I like humor too, both in action drama scenes and in love scenes. This new book of Alex is no different.

Today, I'm doing a promo event where several of my books are on sale. You can find them all here on my website:  authorsharonhamilton.com. I also have snippets of audios, interviews of characters, YouTube trailers and excerpts, as well as all the buying links for every device they're sold on.

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Sharon Hamilton
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