Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Next Hostage Rescue Team Book Is Here!

Cruzie's story is here! Exposed is book 6 of the Hostage Rescue Team series and I'm hard at work on book 7 right now. 

Hope you guys love Cruzie and Marisol together. I enjoyed writing this one a lot, especially the villain. Fingers crossed that I catch you off guard with the twists and turns in this one :).

Sometimes the one you were meant to be with…
Marisol Lorenzo landed her dream job as an Assistant U.S. Attorney and is working on the case that could make her career; now she’s determined to put away the most dangerous drug lord in the country. But his incarceration has opened up a lethal turf war among his lieutenants. Their enforcers are out hunting their enemies, and anyone who gets in their way. When one of them sets his sights on Marisol, she turns to a man she grew up with and has wanted for years—a member of the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team. Even though she thinks he’ll break her heart when he leaves town, it’s a risk she’s willing to take.
Has been right in front of you all along.
Special Agent Ethan Cruz is back home in Miami with his team to take down a dangerous fugitive linked to the case Marisol is working on. He’s focused on his job and not looking for a relationship, until she captures his attention so completely that he’s consumed with the need to make her his. Though he knows he should keep his distance, the explosive attraction sizzling between them makes it impossible. He’s always had a soft spot for her but now his feelings are so intense he can’t shut them off. What starts off as desire quickly runs deeper, becoming something more powerful than he’s ever known. And when Marisol winds up in the crosshairs of the most lethal enforcer of all, he’ll put everything on the line to save her.
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In other news, Danger Close (Bagram Special Ops book 4) just won the Write Touch Readers' Award! Congrats to Wade and Erin.

And, Hunted is currently a finalist in the Aspen Gold Contest, and it won the Colorado Award of Excellence Contest. Go Bauer and Zoe!!! (You guys know how much I love Bauer. *shiver*)
RekindledTitanium Security series #5 also finaled in the contest, but I guess I can't be too sad that it lost to another of my books, right?!

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Kaylea Cross

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Blue Star Moms

Sometimes it's better said by others. I'm a writer, and a member of this organization. But I think Lynnette says it better than I ever could.

What is a Blue Star Mother?
I was asked by a very good friend what is a Blue Star Mother?
I was like you know we are a group of moms from all branches of the Military that have children serving or have served our country. We send care packages to the troops all over the country, and we help out Veterans.
Truth is we are so much more than that…..
We are moms who have been given this title the day our son or daughter signs that dotted line, at Meps, from that moment we have to cherish this title. How do we do this? We do this by supporting our children in all ways possible, we seek out other Military families to gain support for each other, we share our pain and our joy with them, as they really understand what we moms go through since they are going though it too!
This is where the Blue Star Mom organization comes in…if you are lucky to have a group in our area we join and we ban together to help each other though the daily life of a military mom. We do this by supporting our troops, as well as our veterans. We hold packing parties and fundraisers all year long! We work for months gathering all types of items, all donated from our community. We send out 100’s of boxes to the troops all packed with loving hands from blue star moms and members of the community. We provide support to Veterans organizations; we are available to assist in volunteer efforts to help our country remain strong. We are at the Airport when a hero comes home with our banners, balloons, signs and lots of loving hugs, and telling them thank you for their service. We are at the Airport when a fallen hero comes home, only this time supporting that Blue Star family that has just be given the Gold Star family title, sharing their pain, sorrow, offering our support for any of their needs and letting them know they will not be forgotten. Thanking that family for their sacrifice. A title we all hope not to have placed on us but we know it could happen any day, any time. We are a group of moms that love our country more than words could ever express. We are a group of moms that wait by our phones diligently hoping for a call. We hide our tears and hold our chins up high when we watch our children leave to the unknown land of where they are deploying, because we want them to be strong and not worry about us… they have enough put on their shoulders. We are a group of moms that cry just reading cards or letters from our troops and at the National anthem being sung because of our patriotism. We are the group of moms that will tear you apart if you speak ill of our troops, because that’s our babies your disrespecting and mama bears have to do what mama bears do! We are a group of moms that understand sometimes we won’t see our children for months at a time; we will miss holidays, birthdays, and special events with them but know it’s their job and we have to let it go. We are a group of moms that have more red white and blue clothing then anyone on this earth…and more branch apparel then we need, yet we keep buying more because it makes us feel close to them, when we can’t see them, touch them, hug them. We are a group of moms that LOVE our title and we will go to great lengths to support our Military families in whatever the need. We are a group of moms that serve our country with pride, and we are a group of moms that understand the sacrifice our Men and women have made to serve this great country. Whether it’s our own Son/s or Daughter/s or someone else’s, the men and women who serve in our Military are all part of our family the day we become a Blue Star mom. I’m sure there is a lot more I’m missing but this is what a Blue Star mom is to me. I title I wear with pride, and hold dear to my heart.
Written by my dear friend & sister-mom, Lynnette McCallister of Sacramento Blue Star Moms
For more information or if you would like to donate or join, please contact us at

Sharon Hamilton

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Loved by a SEAL (Hot SEALs) Deploying 22 September (EXCERPT)

Hot SEALs book 6

Loved by a SEAL

(Hot SEALs) 

by Cat Johnson

Brody Cassidy. Navy SEAL. Southern charmer. A guy's guy. He likes beer and barbecue and the occasional visit to the strip club just off base, but Brody doesn't realize that a woman from his past is about to turn his future upside down.

in eBook & Print Sept 22 

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Hello, all! I'm happy to report that the next Hot SEALs book arrives a week from today. One of the things I love about writing military men is the sense of brotherhood, and how they give each other a hard time, even while being willing to kill or die for their fellow soldier. Please enjoy this all new excerpt from Loved by a SEAL below, which I think gives the reader a little peek into that mentality. And remember to sign up for new release and sale email alerts at !  
~Cat Johnson

EXCERPT from Loved by a SEAL

 “So I glance over and Rocky is literally face to face with this huge snake that I swear is looking him right in the eye, like they were in some sort of staring contest.” Thom’s recount of the story to the guys back on base got more animated with each telling, though Brody had to admit it had been pretty funny. “I swear, dude, this snake was like six inches away from the tip of Rocky’s nose.”

Eyes wide, Jon glanced at Rocky. “What the fuck did you do?” 

Brody laughed. “Probably shit his pants.”

Rocky frowned. “Did not. And let’s see how you’d react.”

Thom wasn’t about to let the story go unfinished just because Brody and Rocky were bickering. He launched into the next part, saying, “So he was in the middle of checking in at the time. So command is freaking out on the radio because all they hear is Rocky cursing and then dead air.”

Grant rolled his eyes. “I wasn’t freaking out, but I was starting to think my star team—the ringers I hand-picked and flew in just for this freaking op—had gotten ambushed.”

“Aw, we’re your stars? That’s nice.” Brody grinned, teasing Grant.

Grant cocked a brow. “Don’t let it go to your head.”

Undeterred, Thom forged ahead. “So this is the best part. Mack reaches over, as calm as anything. You know, as if this shit happens to him everyday. He snatches the snake, lops off its head with his KA-BAR and then goes back to manning his rifle.”

“It was no big deal.” Mack shrugged. “But that species is deadly so if it had bit him, that would have been a big deal.”

Rocky let out a visible shudder. “Ugh, I hate snakes.”

“We all have our little quirks.” Grant smiled.


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~Hot SEALs Series

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