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Loved by a SEAL (Hot SEALs) Deploying 22 September (EXCERPT)

Hot SEALs book 6

Loved by a SEAL

(Hot SEALs) 

by Cat Johnson

Brody Cassidy. Navy SEAL. Southern charmer. A guy's guy. He likes beer and barbecue and the occasional visit to the strip club just off base, but Brody doesn't realize that a woman from his past is about to turn his future upside down.

in eBook & Print Sept 22 

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Hello, all! I'm happy to report that the next Hot SEALs book arrives a week from today. One of the things I love about writing military men is the sense of brotherhood, and how they give each other a hard time, even while being willing to kill or die for their fellow soldier. Please enjoy this all new excerpt from Loved by a SEAL below, which I think gives the reader a little peek into that mentality. And remember to sign up for new release and sale email alerts at catjohnson.net/news !  
~Cat Johnson

EXCERPT from Loved by a SEAL

 “So I glance over and Rocky is literally face to face with this huge snake that I swear is looking him right in the eye, like they were in some sort of staring contest.” Thom’s recount of the story to the guys back on base got more animated with each telling, though Brody had to admit it had been pretty funny. “I swear, dude, this snake was like six inches away from the tip of Rocky’s nose.”

Eyes wide, Jon glanced at Rocky. “What the fuck did you do?” 

Brody laughed. “Probably shit his pants.”

Rocky frowned. “Did not. And let’s see how you’d react.”

Thom wasn’t about to let the story go unfinished just because Brody and Rocky were bickering. He launched into the next part, saying, “So he was in the middle of checking in at the time. So command is freaking out on the radio because all they hear is Rocky cursing and then dead air.”

Grant rolled his eyes. “I wasn’t freaking out, but I was starting to think my star team—the ringers I hand-picked and flew in just for this freaking op—had gotten ambushed.”

“Aw, we’re your stars? That’s nice.” Brody grinned, teasing Grant.

Grant cocked a brow. “Don’t let it go to your head.”

Undeterred, Thom forged ahead. “So this is the best part. Mack reaches over, as calm as anything. You know, as if this shit happens to him everyday. He snatches the snake, lops off its head with his KA-BAR and then goes back to manning his rifle.”

“It was no big deal.” Mack shrugged. “But that species is deadly so if it had bit him, that would have been a big deal.”

Rocky let out a visible shudder. “Ugh, I hate snakes.”

“We all have our little quirks.” Grant smiled.


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