Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Blue Star Moms

Sometimes it's better said by others. I'm a writer, and a member of this organization. But I think Lynnette says it better than I ever could.

What is a Blue Star Mother?
I was asked by a very good friend what is a Blue Star Mother?
I was like you know we are a group of moms from all branches of the Military that have children serving or have served our country. We send care packages to the troops all over the country, and we help out Veterans.
Truth is we are so much more than that…..
We are moms who have been given this title the day our son or daughter signs that dotted line, at Meps, from that moment we have to cherish this title. How do we do this? We do this by supporting our children in all ways possible, we seek out other Military families to gain support for each other, we share our pain and our joy with them, as they really understand what we moms go through since they are going though it too!
This is where the Blue Star Mom organization comes in…if you are lucky to have a group in our area we join and we ban together to help each other though the daily life of a military mom. We do this by supporting our troops, as well as our veterans. We hold packing parties and fundraisers all year long! We work for months gathering all types of items, all donated from our community. We send out 100’s of boxes to the troops all packed with loving hands from blue star moms and members of the community. We provide support to Veterans organizations; we are available to assist in volunteer efforts to help our country remain strong. We are at the Airport when a hero comes home with our banners, balloons, signs and lots of loving hugs, and telling them thank you for their service. We are at the Airport when a fallen hero comes home, only this time supporting that Blue Star family that has just be given the Gold Star family title, sharing their pain, sorrow, offering our support for any of their needs and letting them know they will not be forgotten. Thanking that family for their sacrifice. A title we all hope not to have placed on us but we know it could happen any day, any time. We are a group of moms that love our country more than words could ever express. We are a group of moms that wait by our phones diligently hoping for a call. We hide our tears and hold our chins up high when we watch our children leave to the unknown land of where they are deploying, because we want them to be strong and not worry about us… they have enough put on their shoulders. We are a group of moms that cry just reading cards or letters from our troops and at the National anthem being sung because of our patriotism. We are the group of moms that will tear you apart if you speak ill of our troops, because that’s our babies your disrespecting and mama bears have to do what mama bears do! We are a group of moms that understand sometimes we won’t see our children for months at a time; we will miss holidays, birthdays, and special events with them but know it’s their job and we have to let it go. We are a group of moms that have more red white and blue clothing then anyone on this earth…and more branch apparel then we need, yet we keep buying more because it makes us feel close to them, when we can’t see them, touch them, hug them. We are a group of moms that LOVE our title and we will go to great lengths to support our Military families in whatever the need. We are a group of moms that serve our country with pride, and we are a group of moms that understand the sacrifice our Men and women have made to serve this great country. Whether it’s our own Son/s or Daughter/s or someone else’s, the men and women who serve in our Military are all part of our family the day we become a Blue Star mom. I’m sure there is a lot more I’m missing but this is what a Blue Star mom is to me. I title I wear with pride, and hold dear to my heart.
Written by my dear friend & sister-mom, Lynnette McCallister of Sacramento Blue Star Moms
For more information or if you would like to donate or join, please contact us athttp://www.sacramentobluestarmoms.org/

Sharon Hamilton


  1. This is awesome. My Godson is a Marine. I wonder if there is something I can do in my area....

    1. There are Navy Moms organizations in your area, I'm sure. They might know of something specifically for the Marines. That would be my suggestion.

  2. Replies
    1. We love them all. This piece really shows the power of family and the support required for the guys and gals who do so much for us.