Monday, March 30, 2015

Kaylea's First Military Gala

On the weekend I got to attend my first ever military gala and it was AWESOME! My uncle Kev is a captain in a reservist armored unit here in B.C. and he invited my hubby and I to attend this year's event.
I wore a camo scarf with my evening gown, and pinned it in place with my grandfather's WWII regimental pin. I think he'd have been tickled.

This being the 70th anniversary of VE Day, there was a WWII theme, complete with the orchestra playing 40s music, which is my favorite and what I write to all the time. There were military bagpipe bands and swing dancers to entertain us throughout the evening.

But my two favorite moments were the Toast to the Fallen, and then I was proud to be on my uncle's arm during the Grand March through the ballroom. I was even introduced to two lieutenant colonels and one brigadier general in the Canadian forces. A great night had by all!

Hope I get invited back next year.

Kaylea ;)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Its' GO Time For The Bad Boy

SEAL My Home

It's Go Time For The Bad Boy 
ETA:  3-31-15

Bad boy Rory Kennedy was raised in foster care, bouncing in and out of trouble along the way. He finds his true family and real brothers as a Navy SEAL, one of the Navy’s elite warriors. When his BUD/S instructor barked the SEAL’s Motto: Only Easy Day Was Yesterday, he knew he had found home.

Megan Palmer works in a bookstore and finds her passion in life through reading steamy romance novels. Her brief affair with a man she later found out was married has left her damaged, until she meets the handsome SEAL, who stands ready to open her world and give her things she’s only dreamed.

On a skiing trip, Rory suffers a possible career-ending injury and also comes face to face with a past he never knew of, and a family who had abandoned him. His relationship with Megan is tested to the breaking point as Rory wades through the dark waters of recovery and  whether or not he can live without the life he loves. A home-grown terrorist cell forces his hand and he discovers his true purpose.

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Sharon Hamilton
Life is one fool thing after another.
Love is two fool things after each other.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

New Hot SEALs Release : KISSED BY A SEAL

Kissed by a SEAL


The Hot SEALs series
by New York Times & USA Today Bestseller 

Cat Johnson

in eBook & Paperback March 17, 2015

Retired SEAL Chris Cassidy knows the bro code—no messing around with teammates’ sisters. However, Chris never was one for following rules. Besides, his teammate Rick’s gorgeous sister Darci is worth breaking the rules for.

Darci Mann is tired of being alone. Since Zane, the bad boy SEAL she formerly had a crush on, fell in love with someone else and her best friend Ali found her own happy ending Darci’s feeling her single status extra keenly. Though she suspects her brother’s buddy Chris would be willing to change her status . . . if she decides to let him.

When a routine assignment turns deadly and Chris switches from charming joker to capable trained warrior willing to kill or die to save Darci’s life, she might have to reevaluate her feelings about the perpetual bachelor and her own future.

CHAPTER 1 Excerpt (G rated)

Chris watched the sway of Darci’s hips as she skirted the stool that stuck out from beneath the kitchen island. She headed toward the fridge and pulled open the door.
When she bent at the waist to grab a can of coke from the bottom shelf Chris got one hell of a nice view. The fabric of her pants stretched across the ass he’d been itching to get his hands on for many years.
Good God almighty, that girl could work it.
A sight like that was enough to make a man’s mouth water. Sometimes it seemed as if the doggone woman put a little extra sashay into her walk just to torture him. But if she was doing it on purpose, Chris knew it wasn’t for his benefit.
There had only been one guy Darci Mann had her eye on, that Chris knew of.
Sadly, in spite of what he considered his good looks and unending southern charm—if he did say so himself—that one man in Darci’s sights wasn’t Chris Cassidy.
For better or worse, that honor belonged to his teammate, Zane Alexander.
Meanwhile, Zane had always been such a self-centered player he’d never even noticed how Darci couldn’t drag her eyes off him whenever he was in the room.
Chris had noticed, though.
Man oh man had he noticed, and it ate a hole in his gut every time he saw the expression on Darci’s face when Zane would hook up with one random woman or another, while not giving Darci more than a passing friendly hello.
Jealousy was an ugly trait, but Chris couldn’t fight it, any more than he could fight his feelings for Darci.
Now, Zane was off the market, thanks to his new and surprisingly serious girlfriend, Missy.
Zane apparently settling down hadn’t helped the situation much. It was like Darci was extra determined to prove to Zane what he’d missed out on.
It seemed her skirts were shorter, her lips more pouty, her glances sexier . . .
The results were enough to have Chris walking around like a dog drooling over a bone any time he was near her, and it had him waking up to some pretty steamy thoughts at night.
He was like a damn schoolboy when it came to Darci. It was as if he was forty going on fourteen, and thanks to circumstances Chris couldn’t have stayed away from Darci even if he’d wanted to, which he didn’t.
“So what do you guys think?” Jon’s question tore Chris’s attention off Darci, and how hard she was working it, and back to actual work.

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Night with a SEAL
Saved by a SEAL
SEALed at Midnight
Kissed by a SEAL
in eBook, Paperback, and Audiobook