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Guest Author Donna Michaels

Happy Release Day! Thank you, FTLOMR for having me here again. I’m happy to guest blog today to talk about my brand new military romance which happens to be FREE today through Sunday!
Hello, I’m author of romaginative fiction Donna Michaels, and I love military men…I mean, romance…military romance! Okay, and men. So much so, I married one. My husband has been in the National Guard for over thirty years, and full time for almost twenty. It was only natural the military would spill into my writing.

Besides my husband, I’ve met many heroes over the years, all ages, races, sexes, and do my best to honor them in my writing. As always, a big thank you goes out to our troops. I’m honored to be a part of a wonderful group of authors who, like me, write about these heroes.

Romance through the H’s—Hot, Humorous & Heartwarming are what you’ll find in my novels and SHE DOES KNOW JACK has all three. It was great to revisit my hero Capt. Jack ‘Dodger’ Anderson, a former Army Ranger who provides security on the set of a reality TV show where his brother is the groom and receiving threats.

(Formerly released as Meet Your Mate, this book has been updated, heat level upped to hot, with over 20k words added.)

Today is Release Day for SHE DOES KNOW JACK and I’m happy to offer it for FREE the next three days.

Security specialist, Brielle Chapman reluctantly agrees to help her uncle by going undercover as a contestant on the Meet Your Mate reality show. Having nearly failed on a similar assignment, she needs to prove she still has a future in the business. But when the brother of the groom turns out to be Dodger, the only one-nighter she ever had—while in disguise from a prior undercover case—her job becomes harder. Does he recognize her? And how can she investigate with their sizzling attraction fogging her brain?

Former Army Ranger Capt. Jack ‘Dodger’ Anderson would rather run naked through a minefield in the Afghan desert than participate in a reality television show, but when his brother the groom begins to receive threats, Jack quickly becomes his sibling’s shadow. As if the investigation isn’t baffling enough, he has to contend with the addition of a beautiful and vaguely familiar new contestant.
But when deceits come to light, and the case is solved, can he overcome the lies to meet his own mate?

“You’re leaving. Now.”
“What?” She blinked. Several times. “No. I’m not going anywhere.”
Or wasting precious time thinking about their past encounter. It was high time she put the case first. Concentrated on the threat and the culprit. Not Jack.
“Don’t you get it?” He advanced toward her, backing her into a wall. Again. “Whoever’s been threatening Matthew obviously wants you off the show.”
“Too bad.” She shrugged, not at all worried, and just a bit peeved at herself. “And you should be happy.”
His gaze narrowed into a deep frown. “Happy? Why?”
“I’m obviously making someone angry, and you know what happens to people when they get angry, don’t you?”
Begrudging admiration filled his eyes. “They make mistakes.”
“Exactly.” She nodded with a smile. “And if we play our cards right, we’ll catch the offender in no time.
“We?” He shook his head and grasped her shoulders. “Oh, hell no. There is no we, Ms. Bennett. This isn’t a game.”
“Yes—we,” she corrected, lifting her chin. Heat seared her skin from under his grasp, but she applauded herself for resisting the urge to press closer. “As I see it, I have two choices, Mr. Anderson. I can either cower and leave the show, or stand my ground. I’m much better at standing.”
His gaze darkened to a smoky blue before dropping to her mouth. Ah, heaven help her. Not that again. Her heart did an impromptu fire drill—stopped, dropped, then rolled.
All thoughts of the show, threats and suspects clouded as her body responded to Jack’s nearness. That pressing-closer urge grew stronger. Much stronger. She only had to lean forward and they’d be heart-to-heart, body-to-body.
Good parts to good parts.
A second later, his palms hit the wall on either side of her head. He did the pressing. His hot, hard, solid body pushed her into the wall and warm breath washed over her as he let out a curse while lowering his face towards hers…
“Jack! Jack, what room are you in?” A deep voice penetrated her fuzzy head.
With lightening speed, the sexy former Ranger jumped back and shook his head as if that would clear it.
Good luck, buddy, she thought, drawing in a breath, trying to remove her own cobwebs. Damn, that was close. Too close. Disappointment, mixed with guilt, calmed her libido. She turned and headed for the bathroom without glancing at the tempting man just as help arrived.
The walking wall was first through the door. And according to Uncle Franco, her escort from last night was also a former Ranger. She’d hazard a guess his whole team consisted of former Rangers.
Needing a moment to recover before facing said team and her uncle’s men—who had orders to pretend she was a stranger—Brielle closed the door and splashed water on her heated cheeks. Cold water. Very cold water.
“You’re an idiot,” she mumbled into the towel. But it wasn’t her fault. That man was hot enough to melt steel.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget, you can get Jack for FREE for the next three day! Please pass the word and share a sexy former Ranger with your friends.

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  1. Thanks so much for the free read. I too love Military men. I also appreciate Military women.

    1. Me, too, Donna. Several of my books, (including my wip) have a heroine in the military.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Hope you enjoy Jack!

  2. Donna,
    Sounds like my kind of story. I'm off to 1-click land!

  3. Thank you so much! Sounds like a great (HOT) read and I'm getting my copy!!