Saturday, August 3, 2013

Always a Marine Series Rumble

It's August and dang it's hot outside! Hardly shocking, I know, but it's not the sizzle, but the steam of summer in the south that has me hiding indoors with the a/c on!  As we roll towards getting the kids ready to go back to school, savor those last few weeks of summer vacation and eye the Halloween displays setting up opposite the Back to School sales, I'm hosting a game over on Facebook to pick your favorite hero from my Always a Marine series.

The rules are simple, you just have to vote in the poll. Round One is live right now and on Monday (August 5th), I'll open Round Two. Winners from each round will advance to the next and 'face-off' against each other for your votes. The last Marine 'standing' in the final round will be featured in a free short story that will run in my newsletter and later be posted to my website!

The first round of face-offs are as follows:

  • Luke [Once Her Man, Always Her Man] vs James [Tell it To the Marine]
  • Logan [Retreat Hell, She Just Got Here/No Regrets, No Surrender] vs Damon [Proud to Serve Her]
  • Zach [Retreat Hell, She Just Got Here/No Regrets, No Surrender] vs Brody [Her Marine]
  • Jazz [Retreat Hell, She Just Got Here/No Regrets, No Surrender] vs Kim [The Two and the Proud]
  • AJ [The Marine Cowboy] vs Rowdy [The Two and the Proud]
  • Brenden [A Marine and a Gentleman] vs Mary [Combat Barbie]
  • Joe [Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] vs Matt [What Part of Marine, Don’t You Understand?]
  • Eli [A Marine Affair] vs Paul [Marine Ever After]
  • Greg [Marine in the Wind] vs Derek [Marine with Benefits]

Because of the odd number, the Marine with the highest number of overall votes in round one, will skip round two and advance to round three! 

Pretty simple, huh? Voting can be found on the Always a Marine series Facebook page, be sure to vote in round one and check back for round two which will be posted on Monday!

I thought so, but to sweeten the late summer fun, I thought I'd throw in a giveaway for an Audible copy of 'A Marine and a Gentleman.'  (See the Rafflecopter below!) I love audio books particularly when its time to hit the road for my summer trips!

Speaking of trips, I'll be at Authors After Dark in Savannah the week of August 13th! If you're attending, be sure to look for me! I'd love to chat and follow me on Twitter for some fun 'where in Savannah is Heather' with a few prizes!

How are you spending the last few weeks of summer?

*Posted by Heather Long

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  1. Thank you sweetie!! I have shared and voted! I cannot wait to see who moves on to round two and three! *hugs*

  2. Logan and Damon were the hardest for me!

  3. I had the hardest time voting it was like trying to choose between favorite flavors of ice cream. I want a sundae.

  4. Tough call. I had a hard time voting.

  5. Thank you all for voting! I agree it was tough. I don't know how y'all did it! Round two will be live tomorrow on the Facebook page so be sure to stop by and see who made the first round cut!

  6. Round two of voting is now open...