Friday, January 3, 2014

Short Films About Veterans and By Veterans

The following short films are by veterans and about veterans. As hosted by ABC for their Home for the Holidays, these films were released one by one in December. These videos really moved me and one, The Dance, immediately made me think of my Rebel in Have Yourself a Marine Christmas. If you didn't get to see these last month, I can't urge you enough to check all five of them out. Seriously. It's a great program for veterans and helping them pursue their careers while honoring other veterans.

A Homecoming

First Lieutenant Donna Bachler's film is the story of a young veteran who excitedly awaits the return of his best friend, the warrior and hero he served with.


The Dance

Staff Sergeant Ryan Curtis' film features a touching story about a young soldier who's determined to surprise the girl he loves with the dance they never had.


  1. Amazing story telling talents by extraordinary people. Beautiful.

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