Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Where Did the Summer Go?

Happy September!

I can't believe that it's already September and the Christmas merchandise is hitting the stores! Are you a fall person? I'm not really a fall person. But only because fall leads to winter and I am NOT a winter person. The best part of winter is Christmas, but I can celebrate that by a beach. I don't need snow. Just sayin'.

I have a new member of my family. No, I'm not a grandma, yet. The DS and DIL seem to think they have final say on the baby front and I have nothing to say about it. Sheesh! The newest member of my family is Rocko, a 5 year old Puggle. We rescued him about 2 months ago. He's awesome! Isn't he a cutie! He keeps me company while I work and write.

Are you a cat person or a dog person? Tell me a little about the furry 4-legged part of your life.

Happy Reading!


Deadly Briefs
Trail of Desire
Call of Duty

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