Tuesday, June 18, 2013

So Who's Next in the Series?

So Who’s Next In the Series?

By Dahlia Rose

My Daddy Is a Hero is a series that started out totally by happenstance. I wrote one book and my readers asked for another.  I had a spare week or two on my schedule (trust me they are few and far between). Instead of my vacation lovingly imposed by my husband I spent that time writing the second, then a third and now we’re on book number five.

I was once asked why the title My Daddy Is A Hero? Why not? They aren’t just single moms out there, they are single dads to and some of them are in the military. Trying to hold down a career, being deployed and being a father in a one-parent household.  I’ve met a few of these guys and you can see the pain on their faces torn between a child crying for daddy to stay home and leaving for a long deployment. I have a soft spot for kids and soldiers so in this series I fell in love with the premise, my heroes and their children. To me they are so real that I sit and fuss when things go wrong and tear up when they go right. The finally words of ‘The End Brings me such a sense of happiness that I sigh… then eat chocolate.

So who’s next in the series? That would be LCDR Chase Latos; he’s a PJ in the Air Force. PJs are in the Para Rescue unit of the Air force.

They are the medics who come out of the sky like angels. They land in the middle of a firefight and take the wounded both military and civilians to safety. And in a helicopter outfitted with two side guns and dealing with harsh winds and a bump flight. They perform some of the most hair-raising procedures to stabilize their patients and get them to a medical base. My research and interviews with these guys left me floored. I myself sat forward in my seat listening to every word. They still knew ever patient and how they felt each and every time they saved a life or loss one. By far the loss affected them the most. I sent out to tell their story in my small way and I hope I did a good job when I’m done. I hope I did justice to the most amazing group of personnel that embodied bravery in every sense of the word. Details on the release date will be coming soon… This story took on a life of it’s own, the characters are leading and I’m following.

Hugs and Cheesecake

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