Friday, June 7, 2013

Forged: The American Brand

About a year and a half ago, after I published Forged in Fire, I received an email from a reader who sent me the link to a clothing company called FORGED: The American Brand. She thought I’d be interested in this company because: 1—the company had been launched by two retired SEALs; 2—the company gave a percentage of their profits to non-profit military organizations that helped wounded veterans and their families: and 3—there was actually a t-shirt called Forged in Fire. 

 I’ve been meaning to order from this company, but I wanted to save the t-shirts for a special occasion. When Montlake Romance re-released Forged in Fire I went in on an iPad giveaway with my Montlake release day sister, so I abandoned the idea of t-shirts for a giveaway for the Montlake launch. However, the perfect opportunity eventually arrived to throw a reader appreciation celebration. Two weeks ago Forged in Fire picked up its 500th five star and 200th four star review. What a fantastic reason to reward my loyal readers with a t-shirt giveaway! So I ran a contest and gave a couple of t-shirts away. Unfortunately, the Forged in Fire t-shirt was no longer in production, but there were still a bunch of great choices for my readers to pick from, and the feedback I’ve been getting on the t-shirts is FANTASTIC. 
The people who won them have told me the t-shirts are of very high quality, very comfortable, and they arrived within days of my ordering them. 

This company is really on the ball, not only is it run by veterans, but it honors veterans, and it gives to Veterans. Since this blog focuses on Military romance, and quite a few of our readers have loved ones either serving or retired from the military, I thought there would be a lot of people interested in supporting this company. So what the heck- my blog post this month is all about plugging a company that deserves our support.

You can find the company here: Forged: The American Brand.

This is what the company has to say about itself:

FORGED was founded by two former Navy SEALs. With a combined 21 years in the Teams, they are distinguished veterans of several war time campaigns, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Kosovo and Bosnia, including tours as instructors at the BUD/S SEAL training pipeline.

FORGED is fueled by the values of Brotherhood, Respect and Freedom. Our shirts are hand-designed by the owners personally. We run our own show and take pride in being involved with our customers and giving them a top end product with meaning behind it. We want our customers to be able to wear our clothing knowing that they not only have a cool, quality piece of apparel, but that they're also part of a smaller, unique community of core individuals.

 Themes like brotherhood and strength of character are traits that run strong in many groups, not just the Teams. Fighters, Warriors, people who rise above and overcome adversity instead of crumbling before it. People who challenge themselves every day. Those are our friends, peers, customers and supporters and we couldn't do this without you. Thank you. 

We donate a percentage of every sale to several military affiliated non-profit organizations to help wounded veterans and their families. We are also involved in organizing fundraisers for the families of our friends who gave the ultimate sacrifice- please check back or join our facebook and email list for upcoming events.

As you can see, FORGED is a company with high standards and producing high quality products. A company I'm honored to support with my money and this blog post. I hope the rest of you will support them as well. I've only posted a few of the t-shirts they offer. They also offer hats, caps, wrist bands and a bunch of other items. Check them out, you won't be disappointed. 


  1. Thanks for stopping by Bethanne!

  2. Great post, Trish. I'll support them as well. Thanks for bringing this great company to our attention. They do deserve our support.

  3. Thanks for bringing to our attention. I've bookmarked the page.

  4. I love them! I bought the Forged in Fire shirt a while ago and it's a favorite of mine now.