Monday, September 9, 2013

It's time for a re-release!

Hello again! I can't believe that Summer is almost over and that Fall is just around the corner. This is definitely not my favorite time a year. I don't mind Fall, but I don't like that Winter is coming. I am SO not a snow-loving person!

The good thing about September is the re-release of another of my books, The Princess and the O, on Kindle on September 15. Here's a little taste. Nolan may not be part of the US military, but he's definitely 100% military! I hope you enjoy!


What’s a girl got to do?

Princess Acelin of Timoria is staring down the barrel of her self-imposed deadline to marry and grant her father’s wish, her thirtieth birthday is less than a month away.  She has been wined and dined by royalty from England to Monaco and everywhere in between.  And she has yet to meet her Prince Charming, the man who can give her the one thing she longs for…an orgasm.  She’s beginning to wonder if she’s asking for too much.

Is he the man for the job?

Prince Nolan of Bermine is beginning his leave from the Royal Air Force when his father drags him to the birthday celebration of the woman dubbed “the Promiscuous Princess” by the press.   And finds himself tied up in knots over her.  Now he just has to exert enough control to prove to her that she can indeed it all.


“What’s he doing here?” Acelin whipped around to stare at the fine ass retreating down the corridor. The all too familiar one she’d been fantasizing about since she first saw it retreating into the cockpit.

Okay, there was an image she didn’t need.

“He who?” Patrice stopped several steps ahead of Acelin, making it necessary to back up.

“Tall, blond, and mouthwatering, that’s who,” she said, jerking her head in the direction of the outstanding specimen of male tushes. She kept her voice low to prevent her royal watchdog from overhearing.

“Oh, you mean Prince Nolan.”

“Prince Nolan.” Acelin knew her mouth gaped open like a floundering fish.

“Yeah, of Bermine.”

“Of Bermine.”

Patrice stuck her face directly in front of her friend’s. “What’s wrong with you? Other than the fact that you’re doing a great job impersonating a parrot?”

Acelin swallowed the lump in her throat. That, that magnificent example of manhood was the mysterious Prince Nolan? What was he doing posing as a pilot on the family jet? “What do you know about him?” She forced one foot in front of the other until she managed to get moving in the direction of her father’s study. Best to act normal. If Patrice suspected more than a casual interest, she’d never let Acelin live it down.

“Not much. He was here when I got back. He pestered me about you, wanting to know where you’d gone. Why?”

“He piloted the plane that flew me back here.”

“He did? I wondered where he’d disappeared to. Hell, every woman in this place with a pulse wondered.” Patrice scrambled to keep up with Acelin’s quick steps. “The gossip has been flying since he showed up, from what I understand. He was here when I got back, so I’m not sure when he arrived. He’s a pilot with the Royal Air Force, home on leave, and his father forced him to come to your birthday bash. Maybe he was the only one available to come for you on such short notice.” She watched Acelin’s face as they spoke. “I know that look. What are you thinking?”

Oh, Patrice gave her too much credit. She wasn’t thinking about anything other than the far too masculine, way too powerful, much too handsome for her piece of mind Prince Nolan. On the jet, his potent aura filled the small space and sucked up all the air. Now she understood why he carried himself as if he owned the airspace. “Any clue what he does in the Royal Air Force?”

“No one is sure, except that he’s a pilot, he flies anything and everything, and has for the decade or so he’s been in.”

Ten years. Well that explained why he’d been off her radar of available men. He’d been flying around the world playing G.I. Joe. Her spirit plummeted. Too bad he was off-limits. Anyone who put in that much time at a job had to be devoted to it, where she needed—wanted—a man devoted to her. She didn’t do one night stands or even one week stands and his military career prevented anything more.
      She sighed. What a waste. He was even more handsome now than he had been on the plane. His polo-style shirt clung to his wide shoulders and broad chest, showing off his flat abdomen to perfect advantage. The passing glance had her hormones revving up, anxious to see him again.

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