Sunday, September 15, 2013

Two Times as Hot has two times the soldiers!

September 24th marks the release of TWO TIMES AS HOT, book 2 in my Oklahoma Nights series out through Kensington Brava. Like Tucker Jenkins, the hero from book 1, ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY,  Logan Hunt, the hero of book 2, also straddles the line by being both cowboy and soldier. But Logan and Tuck are very different. Where Tucker has embraced both his halves and is just as comfortable in cowboy boots as he is in combat boots, Logan really leans more toward his soldier side, in spite of his country upbringing.

Lifelong friends and neighbors, the two men are still definitely individuals. The differences between them were fun to explore and write, as were their reactions to each other at various times throughout the books. Logan thinks Tuck is crazy for hopping on the back of a bull. Tucker, and even Tuck's younger brother Tyler, call Logan out when he tries to use his commanding officer voice on them while they're home and 'civilians'. But different or not, when it comes time for Logan to make a choice between career and family, Tuck is there for him, offering a sounding board and sometimes a bit of tough love.

Here's some exciting news! To celebrate the release of book 2, Kensington has discounted book 1. Until Sept 24th, the eBook of One Night with a Cowboy can be found for $1.99 (a discount of 80% off list price) at quite a few retailers.
    One Night With a Cowboy by Cat Johnson   Two Times as Hot (Oklahoma Nights Series)

“Impressively fresh… [Johnson’s] dialogue lilts off the tongue . . . fans will be looking forward to the next in the series."  Publishers Weekly on TWO TIMES AS HOT

How about an excerpt from Two Times as Hot while you're waiting for release day?

Cat Johnson


Two Times as Hot (Oklahoma Nights Book 2) by Cat Johnson

Logan put his plan to figure out what was up with everyone into action the moment he left the Jenkins’ kitchen. Thinking like the military leader he was, he chose the target he judged would be the easiest to break—Tyler.
He waited until Tuck went to the garage to cut some two-by-fours to length. As the whine of the table saw filled the air, Logan turned to Tyler. “What was going on at the breakfast table this morning?”
Tyler’s brows rose. “Uh, we were eating breakfast?”
“I know that.” Sometimes Logan had to wonder if this young smart ass who joked about everything was really Tuck’s brother. They were such opposites. “What else? Why was everyone acting so strange and staring at me and Emma? And why is it so important to Tuck and Becca that I take Emma to the store with me?”
“Uh, I don’t know.” The way Tyler avoided eye contact with Logan now was in direct opposition to his casual shrug.
“Tyler. You know something. Spill it.” Logan employed the no-nonsense tone he used to reprimand his troops and his cadets.
“Oh, no.” Tyler shook his head. “I’m very happily a civilian so you can’t pull that army officer shit on me. You can frown at me all you want, Logan, but I can’t tell you.”
“You can’t tell me because you don’t know? Or you won’t tell me, which means you do know something?”
“Stop trying to trick me.” Tyler’s frown deepened. “That’s it. Discussion closed. I mean it, Logan. Drop it or I’m out of here. I love your father like he’s my own, but if you don’t ease up, you can finish this ramp your own damn self.”
Wow. Logan had never seen the smooth talking, easygoing Tyler so agitated. There was something going on, and judging by Tyler’s reaction to his questioning, it had to be bigger than just a bunch of interfering friends and relations sticking their noses where they didn’t belong.
Tyler whipped out one end of a tape measure. He shot Logan a glance over his shoulder. “Don’t you have a grab bar to install or something?”
Maybe Tyler wasn’t the easiest target to pick off after all. Logan cocked a brow at Tyler’s attitude. “Yeah, I do.”
And he would get to it right after he interrogated Tuck. Logan spun toward the garage and stalked his way to his next victim. By the time he reached Tuck, Logan found him frowning down at his cell phone. When Logan walked farther into the garage, Tuck shoved the cell into his pocket and turned back to the board on the workbench.
“What’s up?” Tuck asked the question without looking at Logan. Instead, he concentrated solely on the wood.
“You tell me.” Logan folded his arms across his chest.
“Just measuring.” Tuck shot Logan a glance over his shoulder and then went back to focusing on his work. “You know what they say. Measure twice, cut once.”
“Yes, so I’ve heard.” Logan drew in a breath and moved closer. “Now, put that pencil and tape measure down, turn around, and tell me why you and Tyler and Becca are throwing me and Emma together.”
One brow cocked high, Tuck asked, “Is that an order, sir?”

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