Friday, December 20, 2013

How My Heroes Look in My Head

~by Laura Kaye

So I've been getting lots of questions lately about how my military heroes look in my head, so today I thought I'd share some sexy dreamcasting for each of my military romance titles out to date!

The Heroes Series:
Giulio Berruti is an Italian model and actor, and he is so very Marco Vieri to me, right down to the pale eyes and the bruise and the gloves (there's a boxing scene in Her Forbidden Hero). 

Actor Kellan Lutz is such a cutie in general, but here he has a serious, tortured hero feel that was just right for Brady Scott. Plus I can't decide whether Kellan's or Giulio's biceps is more distracting! LOL

The Hard Ink Series:
Actor Tyler Hoechlin's pale green eyes and dark brown hair formed the perfect representation of Nick Rixey in my mind's eye. This picture hung above my desk while I was writing. And, um, it's still there!

With the sexy, playful smirk and the blond-tipped hair and the muscles, fitness model/guru Jessie Pavelka makes the perfect Shane McCallan. There's also a picture of him in the shower which is quite...inspiring.

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If you've read the books, how do they match up with the image in your head? :) Thanks for reading!

~Laura Kaye
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  1. Googling Jessie Pavelka and shower, like, now...

  2. Just about perfect... just need another look at Giulio... * wipes away drool *