Monday, December 9, 2013

Why, yes, it is my day to post!

Where did the time go?? It was just Dec. 1. And all of a sudden, it's Dec. 9. It's a good thing I had my post all planned out for today! Even if I forgot it was today.

I'm very excited because the final book in my Class of '93 trilogy will be available on Kindle on Dec. 15.

The first book in the series is Deadly Briefs.

Attorney Aiden Greene’s life has become one boring routine of work, work, and more work punctuated by weekend visits with his twins. A blast from his Air Force special operations days changes all of that in an instant. He winds up in the arms of his one true love and on the run for his very life. 

Major Erika Dalton is one of the best officers in the history of the ultra-secret Air  Force Security Agency. That’s one of the reasons she’s been assigned to protect  Aiden Greene from an escaped Latin American drug lord intent on exacting retribution.

 Except she can’t keep her mind on her assignment.  Or her hands off of Aiden, despite the fact that back in the Spring of ’93, back at the United States Air Force Academy, he shattered her heart. Has fate given her a chance to reclaim what she lost all those years ago?

The second book is Trail of Desire.

A serial killer is loose on the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania, killing couples in their tents, and the local jurisdictions have asked the FBI for help.

Hot shot Special Agent Braden Powell is anxious to hit the Trail and start camping. He hopes that the high profile case will boost his standing at the Agency, proving that he deserved the assignment after leaving the Air Force. He’s even more anxious to spend time in close quarters with his sexy new partner.

Special Agent Katrina Boyd is anything but pleased to be on a remote assignment with a loose cannon. Eight young people are dead and she’s stuck with a maverick for a partner on a case that could propel her FBI career to the next level. Compounding the disaster is the fact that her traitorous body is more than excited at the thought of sleeping next to the handsome agent night after night.

The third book is Call of Duty.

Appearances can be deceiving. Major Chadwick Monroe knows that all too well. He is the best fighter pilot the Air Force has ever seen and he is about to defect with the military’s newest weapon. Chad has a mission very few people know about – he’s an officer with the ultra-secret Air Force Security Agency, trying to thwart a Latin American terrorist organization. He has no time for a woman in his life, or so he thinks.

Casey Wilkes doesn’t trust men in general, fighter pilots in particular. The divorced single mother burns the candle at both ends to make ends meet and provide a life for her young son. The last thing she needs or wants in that life is another jet jockey, especially one who exposes her to cutthroat blackguards. Even one who draws her in and captivates her. Now she just has to convince her heart she's better off without him.

The holiday season is in full swing! I wish you a joyous holiday that leaves your TBR piles overflowing with new reads and I wish you a happy and healthy New Year!



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  1. This series sounds hot, sizzling hot. I am going to read this series.