Friday, December 13, 2013

Reflections of the Love that Used to Be

This will be my last For the Love of Military Romance post until 2014! I just did a look back post over on my own blog and it's part of a giveaway, so be sure to hop over and check it out. But for the purposes of this posting, I wanted to take a look back at all the couples I've written about in 2013 (and some from 2012). My readers are hugely enthusiastic and very generous in their affection for the characters that I've written. They are always asking me for more, and it tickles me when I can give them that little bit of extra.

So based on the sampling of requests I've received in the last three months, here are the couples and/or characters the readers want to see me go back and visit:
  • Brody & Shannon 
  • Rowdy & Kim 
  • Brendon & Liam 
  • Mary & Kyle 
  • Matt & Naomi 
  • Rick & Eli 
  • Derek & Kara 
  • Charlie & Jana 
  • Kaiden & Rowan 
  • Rebel & Noel 
  • Tom & Brenda
  • James & Lauren
  • Isaac & Zehava
That's only a few right? *grins* Well, I'm happy to say that I do have plans to see these familiar faces again, starting off with Brody and Shannon. In fact, next month I will be writing Her Marine Bodyguard which is the book that brings Brody home again (finally!) Have no fear, you will be seeing many familiar faces in that book and we'll touch base with what's happening at Mike's Place.

Here's the blurb for Her Marine Bodyguard (unedited and subject to change) due to be released in May 2014

Someone is watching her…
Shannon Fabray’s career in the art world is on the rise thanks in no small part to her signature sculpture Her Marine. But with fame, comes fans and some like to get closer than others. Coping with the notoriety, Shannon doesn’t let the constant contact get under her skin until one night, it goes to far and to Shannon’s horror, one of them is making it very clear he wants the artist for himself and sees her as a possession that should be added to his collection.

He’s coming home…
After dozen years in service to his country, Lieutenant Brody Essex has lost count of the missions he’s run, the hours he’s spent in the field and the number of days he’s been out of the country. Budgetary issues freeze his promotion, and his unit is left on the ground in Afghanistan, but he makes it work because the only countdown that matters to him is the one that will bring him home. Home to the artist that carved a niche in his heart. When bureaucratic snafus hold up his paperwork, he sucks it up until a phone call alerts him that Shannon’s loft has been broken into, and she was nearly kidnapped.

Breaking all the rules…
Now Brody will break the rules and go AWOL, heading home without permission because his girl is in danger and she needs her Marine bodyguard…

Her Marine is also available on Audio Book and No Regrets, No Surrender just released as well! So lots of ways to catch up with what happened!

Do you have a particular favorite that you want to see return for a follow-up story? Or at least see appear in the books? Share it here! You just might get your wish. In the meanwhile, after numerous requests from readers (and damn y'all are just a generous bunch, I love you all!) It looks like we may do a holiday series to end 2014 with, as well. The same rules will apply, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to Toys for Tots! With that in mind, what holidays would you like to see portrayed?

In the meanwhile, don't miss this year's holiday collection. 


  1. Heather,
    I'm so happy to see my favorite couples Matt and Naomi, Isaac and Z, and Rebel and Noel on the list! I really like that all the characters are connected through Mike's Place, and we've caught glimpses of so many of them, as the series has progressed. It will be fun to see them either reunited, or take their relationships to the next level - maybe some weddings and/or kids? ;)
    Happy holidays,

    1. Oh, I think you can be sure that at least one of the couples listed above Will have a wedding to remember. No how's that for a tease?

  2. Goody!! Doing the happy fan Snoopy dance!!