Friday, May 9, 2014

A Special Man

Happy Friday!!

I've been thinking quite a bit (again) about the real men and women behind the fictional heroes we all love.

My son is a 1LT in the Air Force (in case I haven't mentioned that before :) ). He had the privilege to work with a very courageous man, a fighter pilot who was shot down over Serbia. My son was so impressed with the retired LtCol, that he shared his story with me.

I'm really glad he did. And I'd like to share bits of it with you.

This is very quiet, so make sure you turn everything up! Every time I listen to this, my admiration for all our military service members endure grows.

Here's the link to a documentary about what been unthinkable until that point. For some reason, I can't find the video, so here's a link.

 I thought I was invisible!

And what happens to a man after he's shot down? LtCol Zelko showed the true measure of a hero!

The next time you're enjoying a story by your favorite MilRom author remember the real life heroes walking among us and those who gave their lives for us.

And don't forget about Mom! I hope my mother has a wonderful Mother's Day, she deserves it after all my brother and I put her through. Although in the interest of full disclosure, it was more my brother! :)

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