Thursday, May 15, 2014

An Unexpected War Hero...Sgt. Reckless America’s War Horse

Sometimes, as amazing as it seems, things can still surprise me... such as this story someone posted on my Facebook page about an unexpected hero--a war horse.

This diminutive sorrel filly, only 13-hands high, was being trained in Korea to be a racehorse in the 1950s when war broke out. Her training shifted from racing to battle and she was taught to step over communications lines, duck during incoming fire, and be impervious to the sounds of battle.

Alone, she delivered ammunition and supplies across 35 miles through rice paddies, 51 trips, saving her human Marine counterparts from this dangerous task. She was wounded twice and received the Purple Heart twice. She was officially made a Marine staff sergeant, and called SGT Reckless.

Amazingly, she survived the war to live out her days at Camp Pendleton. Even years later, her story still resonates. She was honored during this year's Kentucky Derby weekend with a ceremony and documentary. A new book about her amazing life is scheduled for an August release.

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  1. Pretty amazing! I love these little stories that pop up now and again of animals and the roles they've played.