Wednesday, May 29, 2013

An Intro to the MacKenzies

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day! I posted this picture on my Facebook page and wanted to share it here as well. It’s so easy to forget why we take the day off to spend with our families. Take a minute to thank our service men and women. They deserve it. 

Thanks to all of you who purchased a pre-order of KILL SHOT last month. We raised an astounding $5,043 for The Prevent Cancer Foundation. Since the time of my last blog post, my father passed away from lung cancer, but I know without a shadow of a doubt he’d be proud to know I have such generous readers. So thank you, thank you!

If you’re new to my books, but love military suspense, I’m going to suggest you start with my MacKenzie Family series. The MacKenzies come from a long line of military men, and the youngest generation is no exception. They all served in some branch of the service and now they’ve formed MacKenzie Security, doing contract jobs for the government. The reading order is CADE, SHADOWS AND SILK, SECRETS AND SATIN, and SINS AND SCARLET LACE, and there are a lot more MacKenzie books coming. 

Here’s an excerpt from SINS AND SCARLET LACE:

Declan knew Sophia was there—he’d heard her whispered words of encouragement through the fog in his mind and felt her lips brush across his forehead.
He couldn’t seem to break free of the nightmares that plagued him. He felt as if he’d been swimming through a black, inky sea toward the light that shone at the top of the water, but just as his hand reached out to break through the surface, something grabbed hold of his ankle and pulled him down again until he was swimming through the faces of the soldiers he’d seen blown into oblivion.

He thought surely he must be dead too, because he remembered jumping into the Black Hawk with the SEALs he’d been working with, his hand grasping Lieutenant Jake Long’s forearm, pulling him up as the copter went airborne. He remembered looking into Jake’s face, pale green eyes staring back at him from a face smeared black with camo paint.

He’d still been holding onto Jake’s arm when consciousness had briefly returned. It wasn’t something he’d ever forget—the way he couldn’t hear anything but his own heartbeat when the rescue squad came to search for survivors or how he’d seen everything in sharper colors for just a few minutes. And then he thought of Sophia because he wanted her face to be the last he saw.

So much blood on his hands. It had been his meet, his op, and eight men were dead because he hadn’t been careful enough. He should have known, should’ve anticipated. The longer he worked within the covert ranks of the CIA the more his name was whispered by the men who would pay to see him dead.

It was too late to change who he was now. He was Declan MacKenzie. And he’d always be hunted. Which meant anyone tied to him would become hunted as well. He would gladly sacrifice his life for his country, but not Sophia’s.

He loved her. So much that the thought of what he had to do clawed its way through his guts, sinking sharp talons into his heart and ripping it out of his chest. But it was the only way because they would never stop hunting him.

Her voice called out to him and it soothed the ache in his chest, and he let himself tell her he loved her in his dreams. One last time. 

I hope you love the MacKenzies as much as I do!



  1. wonderful excerpt, Lilana.
    Wow! Nice. I want to reeeeead! :D
    But I have to start at the beginning. :( :D LOL

  2. I'm very sorry to hear about your dad. I'm sure he's very proud at the way you're trying to help others. I can't wait to read the MacKenzies.:)

  3. So sorry for your loss. May your memories of him bring smiles to your face. This series sounds very good. Looking forward to reading them.