Thursday, May 2, 2013

COVER REVEAL: The First Harmless Military Heroine!

Hiya, everyone! I hope you are already having a great May. As someone who lived in Hawaii thanks to my husband's military career, I miss being in Hawaii for these days. May Day is Lei Day and it is so pretty. It strikes me especially because I just finished up editing and formatting my second Santini book: Marco, which takes place in Hawaii.

So, what about this cover? It was done by the wonderfully talented Kendra Egert who has done the others.

 I have wanted to write a Harmless Military heroine and I knew the Berg's had a sister who was active duty. Our heroine, AJ (short for Angelica) is active duty and her hero is not (he is former military though). I am excited because I think that not enough military heroines get featured this day. There are several authors who are on this blog who have written some wonderful ones. It is something I want to do more of in the future.  Oh and don't forget to catch THE SANTINIS, and get LEONARDO before it goes off sale on May 5th.


  1. Wow that looks stunning. i really enjoyed Leonardo's book. Hope you had a great may the 1st and that the Santini's are ahit, which I am sure they will be.

  2. I LOVE this cover!!! I'm excited to read AJ's story.

  3. Terrific cover. I'm looking forward to a military heroine.

  4. bought Leonardo book havent had chance to read it yet. Really like the cover, good luck with your milary heroine