Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May Military Madness

The month of May is only half done and so far, it's been crazy in my little corner of the world. What's happening? Here's a rundown.

I started the month off in Kansas City, MO at the Romantic Times 30th Anniversary Booklovers Convention. There I sported in public for the first time on a grand scale my combat boots in support of the (a not-for-profit that raises awareness and funds for organizations who support our military). Check out the website for more details on the organization but in a nutshell, their goal is to put as many pairs of combat boots on civilians, in all walks of life and all situations, as there are active duty military. For example, there were folks running the Boston Marathon while wearing their BootCampaign combat boots. You get the idea. So in Kansas City, I wore mine as well. First for the formal gala with my American Flag corset and full-length red ball skirt, and then again for the big Saturday book signing with, I was thrilled to find and buy these in a shop across from our hotel, these fab lace socks I found. The girly-girl in me wanted to fem up the combat boots, what can I say! Here's a close-up pic of the boots/socks from the book signing and my "Ask Me About My Boots" T-shirt purchased from the site. For more on the saga of my boots, including the breaking in process, see .

Cat Johnson Combat BootsAsk Me About My Boots - Cat Johnson

As it turns out, it was good I had those boots with me since though it was in the 80s when we landed in Kansas City, and I wore flipflops outside the second day we were there, but Thursday, May 2, it was snowing sideways in some freak storm that lasted for hours. Though being a New Yorker, I knew it wasn't sticking, not with the ground so warm from the past hot days, the California folks were on the phone with their spouses freaking out that we'd never be able to fly home on Sunday because of this snow and the Aussies were outside playing in it, tears in their eyes because it was the first snow they'd ever seen in their lives. All in all, a memorable event all around.

Next, I arrived home to more military madness. Copy edits on my Kensington 83K words Oklahoma Nights series, Book 2, TWO TIMES AS HOT, about my hero from that series Lieutenant Colonel Logan Hunt. And waiting for me as well was proofing of the final print galleys for the print release of my Samhain Red, Hot & Blue series A PRINCE AMONG MEN. While working on those, guess what else arrived in the inbox? Edits on not one but 2 more Red, Hot & Blue stories--BULL and MATT. Along with the corresponding cover copy and cover art request forms for both. So that was my life from Monday thru Friday afternoon, when I finally finished all the above and, almost a week late, got to unpack my suitcases from RT on Saturday. But the good news is, I have a sneak peek for you of what some of that work yeilded--the cover for BULL! Bull, Matt and The Commander are scheduled to release from Samhain in October, November and December in eBook, to be bundled together in paperback as True Blue sometime in 2014. 

Stay tuned!



  1. Love the cover, Cat!

    Glad you had a good time at RT! Sorry the edits hit all at once. That is nuts!

    Maybe this week you can pencil in breathing. :-)

  2. Busy lady, but it sounds as though you are enjoying it all!

  3. What a great idea. I hadn't heard of the boots campaign but will certainly check it out. There was a time in the 80's when I tended bar in combat boots. I'll have to see if I still have them. Love the cover.