Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Guest Author Bella Juarez

What is so alluring about a man in uniform?
Oh! Let me count the ways!
(1)   Authority:  Who doesn’t love a big strong alpha man in uniform? The air of authority that comes with a uniform makes us women weak at the knees.  The basic instinct of being protected and secure in a big strong alpha man’s presences is warm and inviting.  And it helps that most of them are in pretty damn good shape. 
(2)   Command and Control.  Need I say more?  How about those handcuffs?  That water hose that could never douse the flame of desire these men set racing through you.  The aggressive, hungry, way the come home after months on a warfront.  There is also a tenuous vulnerability in these men that is sweet and attractive. 
(3)   What about those big guns… *le sigh*
(4)   Rescue me!  What woman hasn’t dreamt of a knight coming to rescue her?  Doesn’t matter of it’s a street wise Sampson, GI Joe or just plain Officer/Fireman Joe. Who doesn’t want to be carried off and rescued?  Show of hands please?  You know they play as hard as they work.
(5)   Sensitivity to a cause greater than themselves:  These big guys have an even bigger heart.  They understand what’s at stake.  They know that dedicating themselves to a higher purpose is not just a job but a calling.  The need to be heroic isn’t their motivation.  The desire to protect and serve is their driving force. 

Let’s not stop at number five… Give me six, seven, eight, nine, ten, etc…

Bella Juarez is originally from San Antonio, Texas and now lives and writes on a small ranch in South Central Texas. She draws inspiration from the real-life heroes and heroines of the United States military and her many experiences in the twelve years she worked within that world as well as from her life in the civilian world. Her love of thrill and adventure is reflected in her stories. When she’s not writing, Bella runs a business and is active in the business community. She also runs half marathons and loves to be in the kitchen whipping up something special.
Minefield – Book five in the BlackOps Brotherhood series:

Dr. Isabel Vasquez joins Doctors Without Borders, insisting on serving in post-Taliban Afghanistan. She hates the pain and devastation caused by her country’s actions in that war-stricken land and openly protests US global militarism. While treating injured and sick Afghanis, she is captured and held prisoner by terrorists. Navy SEAL Senior Chief Alex “Doc” Richards must find the war-protesting doctor who witnessed the effects of a deadly pathogen known to be in the hands of the same terrorists. He doesn’t count on finding a tempting dusky beauty.  As a powerful attraction grows, Izzy and Alex find themselves working to stop terrorists from turning Afghanistan into a lifeless wasteland.  A mysterious Turkish wanderer reveals a secret to Izzy that Alex has hidden since joining the SEALs. Can Izzy submit to Alex’s dark desires? When Alex is faced with an impossible choice, can he save the woman he adores from terrorists who have her in their crosshairs? 

Visit Bella on the web at www.bealljuarez.com

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