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Guest Author Donna Michaels

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Thank you so much FTLOMR for allowing me to Guest Blog today.
My name is Donna Michaels. I’m an author of Romaginative Fiction. I write from sweet to very hot, short to epic and my work can be found in eBook and Print. My print books deploy the 3 H’s—Hot, Humorous and Heartwarming.

It seems the more books I write, the harder it is for me not to make one or more of the characters military. Hero, heroine, doesn’t matter. Okay, same goes for tattoos. I don’t have a tattoo but I do have a military hero. My husband is full time Army National Guard. In four years, he’ll be able to retire with twenty years in on the full time side. And it’s even more for his part time. We started dating when he was eighteen years old in boot camp. I knew him in high school, but it wasn’t until he was in boot camp that he wrote to me asking for my phone number. His name is Michael, and yep, you guessed it, that’s where the ‘Michaels’ comes from in my penname. I respect what he does and what the men and women of the military do and am proud to use his name in my writing. After all, most of my books contain a military character or two.

My first ever self published novel is also my first ever time travel. CAPTIVE HERO (Time-shift Heroes Series-Book One) is also a nominee in the 2012 RONE Awards for Indie excellence and received the Crown Jewel of Excellence by InD’tale Magazine.
Tagline:    Test flying an invisible plane—unreal. Time-shifting to WWII—unbelievable. Capturing a hero—unavoidable.

When Marine Corps test pilot, Captain Samantha Sheppard accidentally flies back in time and inadvertently saves the life of a WWII VMF Black Sheep pilot, she changes history and makes a crack decision to abduct him back to the present. With the timeline in jeopardy, she hides the handsome pilot at her secluded cabin in the Colorado wilderness.
But convincing her sexy, stubborn captive that he is now in another century proves harder than she anticipated—and soon it becomes difficult to tell who is captor and who is captive when the more he learns about the future, the more Sam discovers about the past, and the soul-deep connection between them.

As their flames of desire burn into overdrive, her flying Ace makes a historical discovery that threatens her family’s very existence. Sam’s fears are taken to new heights when she realizes the only way to fix the time-line is to sacrifice her captive hero...or is it?

Can love truly survive the test of time?          
My current release from The Wild Rose Press has received a 4 star rating from Romantic Times and is part of their Honky Tonk Hearts Series. COWBOY-SEXY is spicy novella and has a 4.5 rating out of 62 reviews at Amazon.

Finn Brennan was used to his brother playing practical jokes, but this time he’d gone too far--sending him a woman as a ranch hand, and not just a woman, but a Marine.

When Lt. Camilla Walker's CO asks her to help out at his family's dude ranch until he returns from deployment, she never expected to be thrust into a mistaken engagement to his sexy, cowboy twin--a former Navy SEAL who hates the Corps.

The Corps took Finn’s father, his girlfriend and threatened his naval career. He’s worked hard for another shot at getting back to active duty and won’t let his brother’s prank interfere. The last thing he needs is the temptation of a headstrong, unyielding, hot Marine getting in the way.

Coming Soon:
I’m currently writing the third book in my Harland County cowboy series HER UNIFORM COWBOY.  Kade Dalton is my military cowboy. He’s a Captain in the Texas Army National Guard, a horse rancher and a temporary sheriff. Busy guy. Releasing in October.

I am also revamping and re-releasing my romantic comedy suspense Meet Your Mate. It is now called SHE DOES KNOW JACK. Jack is a former Army Ranger in charge of set security when his brother starts receiving threats on a bachelor style reality TV show. The heroine is undercover as a contestant. Releasing in July.

You can find more of my military heroes or heroines at my website and also sign up for my newsletter to keep up with my military goings on, latest news and exclusive contests.

Just another quick thank you to the ladies of FTLOMR for hosting me here today. It is nice to have a blog to go to for my military romance fix. May you all have a great Memorial Day.
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