Saturday, April 6, 2013

Always a Marine Anniversary Party! Afternoon Pop Quiz

Are you ready for an Always a Marine/Heather Long pop quiz?

Pop Quiz
Rules are simply, send your list of answers to heather [at] heatherlong [dot] net and make sure ALWAYS A MARINE ANNIVERSARY POP QUIZ is in the subject line. Every correct answer will earn you an additional entry in the giveaways. See how that works? Even if you only get one right, you get a shot at prize! Some of these questions are easy. Some aren't. Some will be gimmes for the fans. Some will be a challenge even if you have read the series. Not all answers can be found on my website--but then again they might.
I promise, I'll try to not make them impossible.
*rubs hands together*
Oh--and before I get too carried away. I'll post the answers on my blog Friday, April 12 after the giveaways close. 
  1. Name another series Heather writes. 
  2. What is Heather's favorite Always a Marine book?
  3. Why is that book her favorite?
  4. Who is Heather's movie or television husband? (Note: You get bonus points if you can name all three)
  5. What character appears in more than four Always a Marine books? (Bonus points if you can name four or more)
  6. What career does Shannon have?
  7. Where does A.J. live?
  8. Which female leads are Marines? (One point for each one you can name)
  9. Where is Mike's Place located?
  10. Which couples met in high school?
Bonus Question:  This one is just for fun! And so you can leave a blog comment for even more chances to win.  Who is your favorite character from the series so far (if you've read them) and if you're just learning about them, which one intrigues you the most?

Remember, pop quiz questions you email to me, bonus question you answer in the comments! Let the games begin!

What are our prizes?

Naming a character in an upcoming Marine!
Always a Marine eBundle
No Regrets, No Surrender autographed print copy
Two eCopies of any books on the Marine backlist
And....*drumroll* A Marine Bear! Who you just might sneak a look at in an upcoming video during the party!

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  1. Hey there I love all the books that I have read Jazz is my Favourite but I will be definitely getting some of the others that I dont already have. I love all of you books Heather you rock.

    1. Thank you Cherie! And thanks for dropping by. Jazz is definitely one of my favorite heroines!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Luna! And thanks for dropping by!

  3. Matt is my favorite as I have told you several times!! I can't wait for his story. I love all the characters, but Matt has a special place in my heart!!

    1. Be sure to check back this evening! I am posting an exclusive excerpt from Matt's book just for the anniversary!

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  5. Jazz is my favorite and Brody a close second.:)

  6. One of my favorite series from one of my favorite authors

  7. This is a new genre for me. I just recently read my first book in this sub-genre and loved it. Looking forward to reading more.