Sunday, April 28, 2013

Now out and on sale!

Trying to get the online bookstores to help with preorders and release dates is not easy for a selfpubbed author. While Amazon allows some authors the privilege, I do not get it. So to make sure that it wasn't late, I loaded Leonardo early. Of course, they released it in hours. <G>
But, that is good for you! Leonardo will be on sale for .99 until May 5th. And, if you didn't know about this nifty little feature, you can gift it and set the date for delivery. Know a mom who like military romance? Lock in the rate right now and it can be send to her on Mother's Day!

Readers are loving Leonardo and I promise, the three other books will be released in May. I have also been hinting at a spinoff but I will announce that later:)

Here is the trailer and a little bit about Leonardo. Make sure you pick it up at that low price!

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Leo Santini is a man who always has a plan. It is the way to live a well-ordered life. He never planned on dealing with the hardheaded physical therapist who is taking care of his friend. He definitely never planned on being so totally infatuated with her.
Maryanne Johnson doesn't have time for a romance—especially with a military man. Sure, Leo is drop dead sexy, but more than one man in a uniform had hurt her before. Unfortunately, she can't seem to resist him or his kisses. It doesn't help that the man is as sweet as he is sexy. Falling for him is easy, but she does her best to keep herself from admitting it to him.
Leo knows she wants to keep things simple but when a Santini is in love nothing will stop him from achieving his goal—even the hardheaded woman he loves.

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