Friday, April 19, 2013

Guest Author Rosalind Hartmann

Hi there.

My name is Rosalind Hartmann and I'm a first time, self-published author of paranormal/action/adventure/romance series called 'Blood Memory'.

Book 1 was recently indie-published in October 2012 and tells a story between rival supernatural species – the vampires and werewolves.  The Blood Memory is genetically passed down from one werewolf gifter to a new fledgling werewolf in the initial bite, carrying with it a blue print of abilities, events, and in this case, a horrible nightmare of betrayal and rage for Simon Huntington and his vampire partner, Ellis Duban.

This story tells of the adventure Simon has with Vivienne, the outcast werewolf who is in love with the Commander of the Pipers – descendants of two families that carry the Blood Memory , which curiously, no one can remember the details of; neither the Pipers or Simon for that matter.  Simon and Vivienne strike up a partnership to seek out the truth of the memory before her lover and his pack of Pipers stop her and kill Simon in the process.

I grew up in a Navy family and married an Air Force member, so I grew up with military influence my entire life.  When I created the Pipers several years ago for a role-playing message board ( , they grew from a throw-away idea to being my complete universe.  I love the Pipers as if they were real. They were created with some of the men I met growing up in my father's navy career – polite, very handsome, but gentlemen to a young high-schooler.  Probably helped I wasn't trying to date them, but I digress.

The men I met through my husband's career are where the rawness of their personality is developed. What these men do, what they see changes them – inside and out. There is an abundance of cursing I really didn't write in, but their professionalism and skill definitely shows in the Pipers.

The loyalty – family and within their military structure – is very real. The Pipers are all distantly related to one of two families: the Hammerthynns and the Jamesons. I tried to stay as close to true military structure as possible, save for their ranking, but I did a ridiculous amount of research for the weapons, military maneuvers, equipment, and vehicles. On a personal level, I absolutely enjoy military movies and books, so when I see something wrong, it infuriates me.  I really tried to achieve a level of realism that I hope comes through in the stories.

Book 2 and 3 will be coming out this year and will feature more of Vivienne and her Piper boys.  Book 1 excerpts for Chapters 1-5 are free, as well as the entire ebook/pdf, on my website.

Currently my Air Force family is stationed in Colorado Springs, CO.  My 20 year, high school
sweetheart Michael and I have 2 kiddos, Catherine (13) and David (5).



  1. Hi Rosalind! It was great to learn more about you. I've been meaning to read Blood Memory for awhile. I'll try and get to it soon.

  2. Thanks for your service as well as your husband and fathers. I have now moved you to my to be read pile and hopefully will get to you soon because your books sound interesting.