Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Recipe for a Military Spouse

I have seen a few different versions of this but this is the most popular one.

Recipe for a Military Spouse
1 1/2 Cups Patience
2 Tablespoons elbow grease
1 Pound courage
1 Cup tolerance
and a Dash of adventure
Marinate frequently with salty tears, and pour off excess fat. 
Sprinkle ever so lightly with money, kneading dough well until payday. 
Season with international spices. 
Bake for twenty years or until done. 
Serve with pride!

Always cut with a military ID card or this recipe will never get you anywhere on base.*

-- Author unknown
*Added by Mel


  1. Yes, Mel, I can totally relate. Kaylea had posted the letter from an Ex-SEAL wife, which was along the same lines. Leaving before the birth of a little one, or to be home for a parent's or grandparent's funeral - these are sometimes the big life moments they give up so they can do their duty. And we often forget the toll it takes on the families.

    My heart and my love go out to all of them. Yesterday was the anniversary of a local boy from Santa Rosa who died by sniper as he was playing with an Afghani child. He left behind a newborn and a three year old daughter, and a loving wife. He was an Eagle Scout and a good boy we knew.

    So sad.

  2. It sounds like alot of sacrifice, thanks to all the partners of those in the Military for having the courage to have their heart taken with someone who may not come back. True courage

  3. At my son's commissioning, I asked my soon-to-be daughter-in-law if she was ready to be an AF wife. I'm still not sure she knows what she's getting into when they get married next month!