Monday, April 22, 2013

Guest Author Capri Montgomery

Hey there. I’m Capri Montgomery and I’m guest blogging today. Since we’re here about military related blogging I’m going to talk to you a bit about some of my military men.

My first military guy was Ethan Sheppard from Death Before Dishonor. A U.S. AF Colonel friend of mine answered questions for me and told me her take on Navy men. She painted them to be very sexy, determined and honorable and I knew that was the perfect brush for my leading man. After Death Before Dishonor I actually stayed away from military characters for a while, but one day I had another character in mind and I thought he would be great in the military. I started The Admiral’s Daughter which was the first book in the Men of Action series. The Men of Action series was never set to be just military men. I always knew there would be men of action in different fields, but military men did seem to take over the series. It’s not the uniform; it’s the integrity and the heart of the military man, or woman, that makes the characters so appealing.

While writing the Men of Action series I decided that I wanted to do another series. I knew it would be a four segment series. I called it Special Ops. The first segment follows four retired military men who have joined together to set up their own search and rescue company. They are the men who go in and retrieve the package that nobody else can retrieve. If ever anybody finds themselves being held against their will in a foreign country or at home, these are the men for the job.

The first book started in a rather interesting kind of way. But before I tell you about that I guess I should tell you about the book. Heart of Danger has four men going after a package that means a lot to them; somebody who is more than just a package. Natalia Bright is their administrative assistant, but basically she’s the backbone of the company. Without her they wouldn’t function as well as they do. She does so much more than file papers or answer phones. She literally makes sure these guys get home. Of course it’s easy to not recognize what you have until you almost lose it and that’s what happens with these guys.

When a Columbian drug lord takes Natalia prisoner Micah, Alex, Preston and Jet, man up and go after her. Of course getting her home is just the beginning and it’s going to take all four men to make sure they keep her safe.
This story took off from the bar and grill scene at the start of the book, and that scene took off from a song—Selena Gomez’s Love You Like A Love Song. It’s the song Natalia is shaking her butt to when Micah starts to realize he’s looking at her as more than just an employee.

I think the character that surprised me the most in this segment is Jet. Jethro a.k.a. Jet Jackson gave me details about his life that I didn’t even realize he had until I started writing his story. I love his character because he was just a regular kid who could have gotten into so much trouble, but one event in his childhood changed his fate forever. He joined the Air Force and it shaped the man he is. Fast forward to his new line of work and he is the guy who gets in and out with ease—a skill that comes in handy when he goes to Alaska to rescue World Champion Figure Skater Akira Bowman. She’s in love with him. He’s playing the “she’s too young card” but when she gets abducted on national television he is out the door to go get her before anybody even has a chance to ask him to go.

Heart of Danger, On Thin Ice, and the books in the Men of Action series are available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Lulu (print). On the Line will be out in May. If you would like to get to know more about my military men, or any of my other works, stop by my official Capri Montgomery website at: subscribe to the newsletter for updates at and join me on my Facebook fan page at:


  1. Oh boy just found another book to add to my tbr list. Heart of Danger sounds terrific and I do love a series.

  2. Thank you Donna :)

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  5. They all sound exciting looks like im with the other ladies my TBR just got longer

  6. Thanks TwiMom22580, kreynoldso805 and julie beasley. I hope when you have a chance to read the series you all enjoy my Special Ops men :).

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