Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Few, The Proud, The Marines - Recruitment Videos

Enlistment videos engaging young men and women to join the Marines and take up the challenge are a vital part of  our culture. Some commercials stand out more than others, but they never fail to give me a chill up my spine as I watch them or a shiver of pride and occasionally, a full on burst of laughter. No matter where I am when I see one, I always stop, I watch and I find myself wanting to tell their stories. The first video in this list--I remember seeing that at a movie theater. Appealing to a generation of gamers, the Marines continue to grow and evolve.

Here are some of my favorite Marine videos.

Take Up the Challenge

The Marine Corp Way of Life

Towards the Sound of Chaos

Few Will Earn the Title


  1. Love these. I go into the recruiter's offices regularly just to pick up new brochures and CDs. Yup, I'm a military junkie...

  2. I follow the military on fb and so I see some amazing videos all the time and I always get a little choked up watching them.

  3. I always make it a point to thank a soldier if/when I see them on campus. My son has picked up on it when we ride the bus and we see a Veteran. He unintentionally made a Vietnam Vet cry a few months ago by saying thank you. He said that he had never been thanked by a child.

    I love the videos!